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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Dragon Con 2012 - Second Big Damn Heroes panel

Managed to get in the first row again!

Okay, yet again cobbled together from notes with possible flirtacious commentary from me.


A slippery nipple - the answer is yes!

Q about 'My Bodyguard' and 'Poison Ivy' with Michael J Fox

Adam waxed lyrical about being the 'fascistic camp commander'. 'You kids; stop having fun'! Had to wear 'tight coach shorts'.

[Sure did. Adam has a great set of pins!]

Poison Ivy was filmed in Rutledge, GA [not so far from Atlanta, I guess].  Adam went frog-gigging; 'They're disgusting, they taste of swamp!'.  Adam went on to talk about eating snails and how he prefers oysters.

[Some discussion of a great meal the previous night at the 'Wood Fire Grill' in Atlanta. Sean Maher opens his fist and dispenses four or five corks from the bottles of wine consumed!]

Another question which involves Twitter and 'My Bodyguard'. Questioner says to Adam, 'You're a Conservative'?

No, I'm an American! Benefit of Liberal people = good wine. Don't be a dick at work!

Why are Kaylee and Jayne loveable?

Jewel : Kaylee is always cheery.

Adam : This must be what going mad feels like!

Jewel : Don't bite!

Adam : Just talent and fear of being killed off!

Which episode took you out of your comfort zone?

Sean : Jaynestown! It was different, liked playing drunk.

Adam : Nursed liquor over the course of the shooting day.

Jewel : 'Cause you're method!

Adam: That's not true!

Jewel : Making out in the engine room!

Adam : Nathan naked in desert!

Jewel : Picture of Joss on Nathan's crotch.

Adam : Enjoyed brushing Helen's hair in 'Heart of Gold'  [Lucky woman!] Having drool on Jayne's pillow in the episode with Jubal Early. Gina's wedding to Lawrence Fishburn. Their honeymoon on Tahiti or Boa Bora..  They get giggly and ignore me!

Q about 'Halo'

Adam : Give me a real weapon!

Q about Firefly comics

Jewel : Read them and we're still alive!

Adam : Read the script; if I'm on the last page, that's good!

Q about cursing to Sean

Not in front of my kids!

Adam : You will!

Jewel : Long rambling joke about Sean accidentally saying 'Schleep easy'

Continuation of characters after the show?

Jewel : You know where I wanna go. A baby - or two babies. And a Cocker Spaniel!

Adam : I could come in as the Nanny! Read to your kids. I'd like Jayne to have his own ship and compete with Mal. Bunk in a shuttle with Inara!

Good/favourite guest roles on other shows?

Sean and Jewel : Warehouse 13. Worst shoot, though. 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. the next day. Thurs 5 p.m. onwards. Friday 10 p.m. onwards.

Jewel: Head to toe purple spandex!

Adam : Form fitting?

Sean: VERY form fitting!!

Adam : Loved being Ethan Slaughter on 'Castle'.

Sean & Jewel : Want to be on! 

Adam : Let's text Nathan about that....

Sean & Jewel : Want to be joint suspects!

Q about 'Much Ado...'

Sean : 12 days in Joss' house. Like shooting live theatre.

Adam: Paid well?

Sean : More than a paper route!

Q about Animal Mother from former Marine called Wayne

Adam : Thank you for your service! Hoorah! Lee Emery helped a lot. Looks back and notices  now that his character has very little trigger discipline! Stanley would yell at us. Always waiting for sun to break through. Had a lot more training since.

Favourite Dr Who episode..?

Jewel : Lots of cocktails beforehand...

Favourite characteristic about character

Jewel : Kaylee's confidence. Unafraid.

Adam : Restrained intelligence [laughter]. Jayne's tactile nature. Fear of Mal.

Sean : Simon's vests! No, hated them. Simon's care of River.

Q about Jewel's eating blog, 'Happy Opu'

Jewel : Forgets to take photos. Will be moving into new home in Vancouver. Loved Rathben's - the food here is super good!


Sean: Inspiration for role, being a middle child.

Adam : Middle child syndrome!

Summer being a delicate gemstone/flower. Teasing Summer.

Sean : Nathan is such a dick!

Q about the Cunning Hat

Adam ; Joss spoke about this at SDCC. It's colourful, lightweight, easy to produce. Gave Jayne a soft touch. 'I'm gonna wear that in every damn scene!' - until the funeral. Just a hat from Mum. Raised 5K for charity. No-one's getting the knife!!

Q about 'Bones'/'Angel' with David

Adam : David's one of the coolest dudes in the world. See him at hockey games. [Child in audience starts babbling]. Where is that child? One of the happiest sounds in the world, like music.

Favourite character line?

Jewel :'Twixt nethers'!

Adam : Can I know her?

Sean : It's okay to leave them to die


Sean : Morena's sunburnt cleavage!

Jewel : Shindig dress with Morena holding it up while I peed!

Adam : Goofy card game. 'Plums are tall'. Baskerball game. Last day of movie, several of cast went to a liquor store and got a bit relaxed... Professional showbiz, ladies and gentlemen...!! 

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