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Monday, 10 September 2012

Dragon Con 2012 panel #2 : The man they call...Casey

Managed to get in the first row for this one!

Again, reconstructed from notes taken at the time...

We want JEFFSTER here!

Adam said he'd pass the message along to Vic and Scott!

High C

Was/is apparently an E!

I asked about Adam's 'process'

Adam : Does funny routine about getting distracted by Twitter. He then moved on to this:-

1. Reads his lines aloud
[Dogs barking, kids aren't crying...]
2. Gets into rhythm by walking about
3. [Joke about rhythm method] - It doesn't work!
4. Rehearsal
5. Props/doings
6. I play cartoon characters, so it's not that hard!


Joss Whedon's a great writer! Not a yak yak, but a pow, pow! Wished he'd had more opportunities to blast bad guys at the end. Zac's better at yak yak than I am!

Where's the funny? Doings  = words and actions. Morgan was a great foil! With him, it just got better! Mention of Zac's Operation smile which raised £150,000 this year.

Big fan of Twitter [I think we'd noticed!]

Cubs/White Socks?

I'm a North-sider, so Cubs. Braves, stop kicking our ass! Easy to play victim; haven't won since 1908!!

Air Force vet asks why Casey was changed from an Air Force pilot to Marine

Maybe it was an interdisciplinary transition! Multiple branches of NSA!

[Maybe Casey was undercover as an Air Force pilot!]

Q about X Files

Knowle Rohrer. Bit of a tongue twister, like 'girl gargoyle, guy gargoyle' or 'lemon liniment'! Tried for Doggett but was deemed too tall. Something about an all-nighter at the Disney ranch and that being allergic to magnetite was a bummer. Should have carried a detector!

Favourite people to work with?  

Friendly, no nonsense folks. Zac, Nathan, Joss, Yvonne [who swears like a sailor!], Kubrick [perfectionist], my Dad, Tony Bill, Don and Dean Devlin [the latter introduced Adam to his wife, mentions 'Leverage'], Robert Redford. Adam just 'sticks around like fungus'!

Favourite episode of 'Chuck'? 

The upcoming movie! 'Chuck vs the Couch Lock'. Make-up lady told him his character would 'die' in the next episode. Mimes phoning Chris Fedak. Something about the change of ring from one with an Air Foce blue stone to the red one seen later.

 Someone challenges Adam to a rematch pool [snooker!] contest!

Q about Reagan photo

It's from 'The Inside'. still has the photo, will be snuck on to set of next thing he's in!

How does Adam channel Jayne, who is the 'dumb guy'? 

It's easier to pretend to be dumb than smart! A machine gun will beat a pistol every time!

Mass Effect/Mass Effect 2?

Cal Reagan. Show up with diverse group of folks. Rob Paulson, one of the great voice-overs of all time. Can wear pyjamas and flip-flops! Any character can go at any time. Adam's 15 yea old son crushes him every time they play!

Moment for Casey?

The kiss! The rehearsal was awkward! Grab weapons and get outta there! Plastic guns, fire blanks.


It's the same guy! Ethan = bull in a china shop!

Three year old fan - something about Casey/Jayne/Ethan

Zac = Disney prince. You are absolutely adorable! Type cast = yes. I'm the 'go to' guy. Likes comedy. Alan Rickman in 'Die Hard'.

Jayne betrays, Casey's a killer. Makes a loathsome character loveable. Wife and kids keep him grounded. No 'show bible' for 'Chuck'.

Favourite episode over all?

Casey/Jayne. Casey paid better! Firefly = Camelot.

Favourite book?

Bible; Michael Chrichton's 'Sphere'; Tom Clancy; Conflict of Visions by Thomas Sowell; Brief history of time

Good one liners?

Adam asks lady questioner about the size of her heels. 5 1/2", apparently. 'Unleash the Casey', 'I'll be in my bunk', 'I'll skip the foreplay' [FMJ], 'Pain is scary'.

How many times do you have to explain you're not A Baldwin, but THE Baldwin?

Who are you here as today ?  [Questioner dressed as Jayne!]

Favourite guns?

Don't muzzle your buddy! The one that gets me back to my primary! [Discourse about FMJ and Lee Emory]. Whichever one comes out of the gun pile first! Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Crown Vic?

Are you a car guy? Not that comfortable a car! I like gas guzzlers, but not these days!

Differences in working?

Not much. Anything that ends before midnight on Friday is a celebration!

Where might have Jayne ended up?

Fantasy = with a nice girl like Inara! Can just hear Joss in my ear saying, 'Wrong!'

Early influences?

Three Stooges [Adam was Curly!]. School with good drama department. Hockey player. Mother taught earth sciences.

Q about birds [?]

Tufted titmouth. Thorium Chlorium - isn't that a city in Colorado?!? -  ruby, bald eagle, raptors...

Jayne vs Casey?

Jayne is younger! Casey could hire a team, though... Law & Order SVU.

Another question about X Files

Clothing, accessories, make-up.Took spines on neck home one night and freaked out his wife! William Holden - very undignified profession for a grown man!

Animal Mother

Run over fields a lot by Kubrick. M60 = 18 lbs! Got stressed out and pissed off! Read books about Vietnam. Is 6ft 4" - don't get the 'short guy' role!

Casey's development

Mekenna Melvin played his daughter

Balance between celebrity and home

'Dirty laundry' - don't believe your reviews!  More important to be kind than right [Adam's wife's motto]. Adam does like being right, though!!

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