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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dragon Con 2012 - Friday BDH panel

The talks/panels are reconstructed from notes I took at the time. Can't do shorthand, but I can give you a flavour!

Adam : Don't Tweet this! [Who, us...?!!?]

Adam : I wear lifts!

 Q about succeeding from the other Baldwin brothers [G]

Adam : It's a good conversation starter.

Adam : It's good to have friends who can pay you! [Some remembrances of Dean Devlin]

'Your time is up, your microphone has expired'

Q about 'Castle'

Adam : Chuckle; c'mon Sean get in here, stop Tweeting!

Fave moment from Firefly

Adam : In cargo bay

Jewel : Flirting with Sean. Nathan splitting his pants.

Adam : Captain Splitty Pants!!

Sean : The Message [lots of giggling, remembering Nathan's appearances at the funeral]

Jewel : Sean's mom was on set; Joss' baby...

Something about favourite character traits

Sean : I'm kinda sober!

Jewel : Kaylee's trust in Mal

Sean : About saving River

Adam : Not to have his character killed off! Stone cold killer; got to have humanity and heart.


Adam : Champagne down, now!

Sean: [apparently apropos of nothing] What the fuck is that!

Adam : Always a celebration, getting back together with these guys.

Q to Adam; 'Will you be my bodyguard?'

Adam : A Grand!. Who is your antagonist? Because if it's your wife, you're on your own!!

Adam: [Something about sticking his lines to Sean's forehead]. Great tee shirt! [Had picture of Adam!!]

Q about Jewel's new show

Q about hurricane

Adam: No, no, no; it's Bush's fault! [Beat] That's irony, okay!

Adam: [Holds phone to ear] Nathan, this is Adam!

[Assembled crowd gets the tingles. Questions go out of the window!!]

Nathan : [via phone] Something about 'con phone' and Inara. All I need, gotta go!

[Phone rings again]

Sean: Hi!

Nathan: How does Jewel look?

Sean : Smoking hot!

Jewel: [Head in hands] Oh, no...

Adam: He's the captain!

Nathan: [Something about being another character on Firefly. Nathan seemed keen to be Inara]

Adam : I would pick Book. He was wise and could read!

Jewel : [gets phone] Uh-oh. Hi, sir!

Nathan : Wassup?!

Jewel: Toronto next week....?

Nathan : [Question about Sean]. Now look at me in your mind's eye.

Jewel : I don't look at you in ANY eye!

Nathan: I'm gonna take that as a yes!

Jewel: I will be there, with Sean!

Adam : [snatches phone] This is Adam!

Nathan : [Hangs up]


Adam: Yes, Nathan? [Something about premier of Much ado in Toronto]

Nathan: date with Jewel! I'm gonna get me some?

Adam: You're not gonna ask me to dress up as Inara, are you?!!?

Nathan : Yes!

Adam: [sing-song] Okay, only because you're Cappy! Okay, bye. Call me!

Sean : [boggling, imagining Adam dressed as Inara]

A member of the audience supplies Firefly Sweet Tea bourbon

Jewel : [Opens bottle]

Adam: [Gets glass ready!]

Jewel : Didn't you all come to Dragon Con to see the Firefly cast double fisting?!!?

[Um...that has a different meaning in the UK. Just saying!!!]

Adam : [acts slurry]

Sean : That's warming me [meaning the bourbon!]

Comment about Sean coming out

Back to Firefly

Sean : Ten years later

Adam : One looong experience

Jewel : Cancellation

Adam: Spoiler!!

Sean : Celebration of the same thing

Adam : So, you're still going. [To Jewel] Where are we eating?


Adam : TUNDRA!

Jewel : CANADA!!

Adam : [Pretends to phone his wife about going to Canada]. It's this Firefly bourbon, it's what it is; it's got some hallucinogens in there!


Jewel : Nathan's the prankster! [the story about the potato in Nathan's new car]

Sean : I had a potato garden at the time...

Jewel : [Talks about Sean's odd diet at the time]

Adam: Nathan does the same thing [pranking] on 'Castle'

After Serenity

Jewel : Simon and Kaylee have a baby

Sean: Two! Three!

Adam : Jayne becomes a Companion

Jewel : I wanna see you in a toga


Sean : Or a dress...

Adam : I want to go through the training program

[Straight women and possibly some of the gay ones & all the gay guys in the audience probably silently wish, 'Me! Me! I'll train you!' ] [Hey, it's only fantasy...]

Jewel : I love it when Adam Gets embarrassed!

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