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Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Disclaimer: As the contents of this blog may reveal, I am a Christian.  Baptised, confirmed, then "born again" at the age of 17. Regular church member, exploring possible Readership at the moment. However, living in Glastonbury and because of my Interfaith studies, I was struck by some potential Interfaith elements in the royal wedding.

William and Catherine got married at the end of a processional Druid 'way' [defined by trees] by a prominent Druid [qualification; the Archbishop of Canterbury certainly has links to the Druids] right before the feast of Beltane! Plus our [very] future King was in red. I suggest they were having a jolly good attempt at pulling in the Beltane energy [presumably to help bring about a prince/ess or two].

As the media have noted, Catherine was carrying a sprig of the Holy Thorn in her bouquet alongside what looked like lily of the valley and other white small flowers. In Glastonbury, we were told about this last Sunday [at least in my church!]. The tree is sacred to many faiths. Most people will be aware that the prominent one on Wearyall Hill was hacked last year and is just beginning to regrow. New life!

Glastonbury residents also know that there are several other examples of the tree scattered around the town [and currently in full bloom], so supplying a sprig or two was a reasonably easy task.

Only downer = the Reverend doing the prayers. His boring monotonous tone made me want to slap him! My son cheekily wondered what the F.A. charity shield was doing on the High Altar [GG].

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